Social community of remote workers: Gigers is now live!

Gigers - social community of digital nomads and remote workers

After weeks of development and preparation, we are very proud to launch Gigers! You can join us at! We hope you’ll love it and you’ll enjoy our free social community of worldwide remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads!

Our goal is to enable you to work from anywhere and to connect with like-minded digital nomads everywhere in the world. We’ll help you find remote jobs and grow your remote activity by giving you some tips and access to our global community. Our hope is that these connections will help you develop your activity and grow in your personal life by finding new friends, new partners and new clients. As a freelancer, networking and finding a supportive social community of other remote workers is indeed key!

We also strongly believe in life-long learning, that is why we will always help you keep up-to-date with the latest most-in-demand skills. In today’s world, we cannot emphasize more the importance of being curious and of developing new skills beyond your comfort zone: it will help you innovate and grow your business by finding new solutions to the problems you are facing.

Finally, our core value is based on sharing, that is why our community is free and we encourage you to help each other in your journeys as remote workers.

We have a lot of ideas for developing our community in the future and we already have a lot in store for you! So, stay tuned for future announcements of new features! We are very happy to have you as early adopters and would like to thank you for that!

Go Gigers!